How To Become a Really Successful DJ?

In the last few years it is very popular to be a DJ. Everybody thinks that it is very simple- you stand at the counter, you get that record or CD and push play button. But really, do you think that is enough? Of course not! If you are reading this article, you will find out more about the DJ’s job.

If you want to succeed in this business you’re going to have a very hard time, especially if you really want to impress your audience. To be a successful one, it takes years of hard work, research, study, music, software, a lot of ups and downs. Due to this fact, you have to be aware that it isn’t enough just two or three months on the DJ Academy. After that you’re not even close to what a DJ should be. You need to be trained well technically, that’s true, but it isn’t enough at all! It isn’t everything in the technique, so here are a few tips that every DJ should consider if he wants to become a professional.

You will be good when you come to a gig with a desire to transmit your own emotion on the audience through the music, and in return you will enjoy the positive energy of dancing on the floor. If you cannot wait to finish the gig and go home, don’t come at all. Trust me, the audience will feel it.

Modesty is a virtue of any good DJ. He knows his talent, but he doesn’t brag about how he’s the best. There is no space for arrogance here –only small people brag about themselves and try to make them stars, but the real stars don’t need to do that. It is enough to appear on the stage and the energy will be reflected to the audience immediately. They will the vibe you are trying to produce and transfer to them.

You cannot be good if you stand in front of the counter in a very passive way – energy is the keyword for being a good DJ. Let it take you and your audience to the most beautiful places. A good DJ will play the same material, in a different way and that is a real charm of music, alongside with your talent and willingness to show. Your will and desire to entertain the audience and to enjoy together is what is all about.


Therefore you should explore your audience. You should be aware of the fact that there will be other performers who will follow and criticize your work .The audience knows and feels your energy when you bring up the dance madness. When you reach the point where no one wants to miss any bits and emotion of your work, you will be able to tell yourself that you are not only a good DJ, but also an artist who reached the highest prize of being a DJ.

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All You Should Know About Festivals

All you want to find out about music festivals is here! There is no better commercial than word of mouth; there is nothing more sincere than the comments of people who have been at the concert. You will see the both sides of the coin. If the organization is bad they will let you know. How to be the one that is informed? What everyone should do before visiting any kind of festivals?

Miami-Ultra-FestivalFirst of all you should find forums with as much as possible comments and make your own conclusion whether is going to the festival the right choice for you. If you are a fan of music, that doesn’t mean that you are going to like the festival interpretation. You have to be aware that festivals are for young people who should put their energy in the right direction. If you prefer this kind of vibe, then you will be delighted wit­­­h the festival atmosphere. In forums you will find all that you need. You will be able to prepare yourself for what is waiting for you.

The outdoor festivals, music, society and freedom during hot summer days–this is the best formula and the guarantee for pleasure! Experienced visitors of festivals wouldn’t agree with that. Although the festival days do not force you to think a lot although some people will tell you that it is not as simply as it looks like. Some will say that you should just pack your backpack and go. It is a good advice if you are a backpacker person, and you aren’t addicted to comfort. What if you are a person that likes a good sound but not the dirtiness that goes with festivals?

Music festivals are not just reserved for the ultimate music fanatics. The fact that there are so many festival visitors, which number is sometimes larger than one thousand, tells us a lot and leads to the fact that every festival is unimaginable without visitors. Three, five, or more days the rich musical program can be, it is mostly presented as a synonym of the year, good (old or new) society, freedom, fun , love….

They are just a short escape from reality into the pure entertainment. But when these thousands of guests are gathered at the same place with the same objective, “small” chaos is almost always inevitable. It is worth to think in advance about how to ease the life during the festival days – to freely enjoy the festival freedom and energy of the masses.

The first step (after the purchase of the cards) should be: how to get to the festival? Choosing a car as an option has great advantages such as:  sharing the cost of gasoline and going on a trip whenever you want. The good thing about going on a festival by car is the fact that you can get changed whenever you wish for and you can leave all unnecessarily things during the festival in the car. So you can move freely without any burden.

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Music Now and Then

How many times we heard a phrase: “It’s a classic”! I keep coming on the question: is it modern so bad or people are just nostalgic? Every time it brings its own customs and habits. If something is new, that doesn’t mean that it is bad. Although I have to admit that there is a change in sound. Nowadays people are more concerned about quantity than quality. The question that comes up my mind is: “Where to buy the old ones? “How to find the old records? You can find a lot of “classics” on the internet. You will be surprised how many collectors there are online. The best thing is that they are not expensive at all. After years of research I finally have a real picture about music now and then.



-Past: mainly songwriters. The real virtuosos on their instruments (mostly acoustic guitar). Also for the people who are full of life experience, the stage wasn’t for them a source for earning money, but the value and the result of their work.

-Now: It’s more about dance and appearance. Performing has become more important than having a talent. They are all very fit, trying to be young forever, which is not the point of art. The main purpose of art is to show the inside beauty that can’t get old. Inside beauty is the energy that everyone keeps deep down inside, it’s not visible but it lasts forever.



-Past: the most beautiful and appealing declarations of love: “I’m sorry I love you, “Have you really ever loved a woman”, “I drive all night to get to you”, “I want to dance with somebody” and so on.

-Now: Like Madonna said “I am material girl in a material world”. Who could guess that this song will describe our modern time? Nowadays everything is about money and material stuff. Nobody really cares about love at all.


-Past: static picture of performer with satisfying look that transmits his happiness and the fact that he is very proud of his talents and emotion that he is trying to express. Expression of the face was on the spotlight.

-Now: aggressive attitude against God knows what. Being beautiful or ugly has become very popular. It is like we have totally opposite sides with no middle at all. This is the best example of modern misbalance in the world.  Everybody wants to prove something and they are prepared to do everything for that reason. Body has become more important than face and we started to perceive the humans like some kind of objects without emotion. Only physical satisfaction has become popular. There are more and more naked bodies in the videos than ever.

It is hard to be realistic when you comment or compare the music of two different periods. It is impossible to do that due to the fact that we are members of one of those two periods. Still, we have to admit that music has drastically changed in just fifty years more than it has done during the past five centuries.

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