How To Become a Really Successful DJ?

In the last few years it is very popular to be a DJ. Everybody thinks that it is very simple- you stand at the counter, you get that record or CD and push play button. But really, do you think that is enough? Of course not! If you are reading this article, you will find out more about the DJ’s job.

If you want to succeed in this business you’re going to have a very hard time, especially if you really want to impress your audience. To be a successful one, it takes years of hard work, research, study, music, software, a lot of ups and downs. Due to this fact, you have to be aware that it isn’t enough just two or three months on the DJ Academy. After that you’re not even close to what a DJ should be. You need to be trained well technically, that’s true, but it isn’t enough at all! It isn’t everything in the technique, so here are a few tips that every DJ should consider if he wants to become a professional.

You will be good when you come to a gig with a desire to transmit your own emotion on the audience through the music, and in return you will enjoy the positive energy of dancing on the floor. If you cannot wait to finish the gig and go home, don’t come at all. Trust me, the audience will feel it.

Modesty is a virtue of any good DJ. He knows his talent, but he doesn’t brag about how he’s the best. There is no space for arrogance here –only small people brag about themselves and try to make them stars, but the real stars don’t need to do that. It is enough to appear on the stage and the energy will be reflected to the audience immediately. They will the vibe you are trying to produce and transfer to them.

You cannot be good if you stand in front of the counter in a very passive way – energy is the keyword for being a good DJ. Let it take you and your audience to the most beautiful places. A good DJ will play the same material, in a different way and that is a real charm of music, alongside with your talent and willingness to show. Your will and desire to entertain the audience and to enjoy together is what is all about.


Therefore you should explore your audience. You should be aware of the fact that there will be other performers who will follow and criticize your work .The audience knows and feels your energy when you bring up the dance madness. When you reach the point where no one wants to miss any bits and emotion of your work, you will be able to tell yourself that you are not only a good DJ, but also an artist who reached the highest prize of being a DJ.